SAP-Centric Supply Chain 2019 – Share your Story!

Have you recently led a project that greatly improved or even transformed your organization’s supply chain? Have you experienced a success or failure in the world of SAP Supply Chain that if you had known, you would have saved time, effort, or money?

If so, submit your story by Nov. 2, 2018 for consideration by our conference steering committee. Share the essence of what you are doing with SAP in the supply chain space that is special, unique, or different and how you achieved this outcome. If chosen, you will be a VIP speaker at the SAP-Centric Supply Chain conference in March 2019.

Your story could make an impact. Your peers running SAP supply chain and procurement tools are looking for inspiration and thought leadership.

We’re most excited about stories that showcase:

  • Either a business or IT perspective
  • Implementation or upgrade of your SAP systems
  • Smart ways you are using supply chain or procurement technologies
  • Organizational process improvements
  • Better ways to manage your people

Submit Your Story