On-Demand Webcast: IT & Innovation Management in Manufacturing at BOSCH

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Andreas Mueller – Director IT & Innovation Management in Manufacturing, Robert Bosch GmbH

View this webcast to hear how Robert Bosch GmbH is connecting the ideas and power of more than 50 plants to build a worldwide organization that creates opportunity and brings new ideas into realization. With an ecosystem of various partners and establishing a data-driven approach, BOSCH developed a roadmap for digitizing their manufacturing networks with a global implementation of solutions.

Join Andreas, Director of IT and Innovation Management for Manufacturing in BOSCH’s Powertrain Division and top-rated Best Practices for Automotive speaker, as he discusses:

  • Developing a global production network
  • Selecting technology partners to derive the best for the whole division
  • Driving change in three pillars strategy, cooperative environment and focusing on business results

Learn more from Bosch as they present on their journey of migrating data from multiple vertical systems into one at the 2018 Best Practices for Automotive conference, September 11-13 in Detroit, Michigan.

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