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Data Management for Operational Success at Gainesville Regional Utilities

On Nov. 7, 2017, Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU), a municipal-owned utility provider, acquired the biomass facility formerly known as Gainesville Renewable Energy Center (GREC) and renamed it Deerhaven Renewable Generating Station (DHR). There was a lot of prep work for the change of ownership. But after the sale was complete, the hard work of integrating staff, equipment, and materials into the GRU culture began.


  • Adding a new plant into SAP system
  • Developing process for adding materials and quantities
  • Cleaning up data of around 5,000 materials from legacy system for transition
  • Change management: transition time of purchase to inventory go-live date, including business processes and training for personnel


  • Develop and record process for adding plant
  • Develop and record processes for mass adding different materials types—retain this for future use for loading data with EAM implementation
  • Review, modification, and clean-up of all data associated with legacy system prior to load into SAP
  • Transition plan for moving from their processes to ours

Key Business Benefits:

  • Step-by-step documentation for adding a new plant into our existing system
  • Processes developed for mass adding different material types, which will be used prior to EAM implementation
  • Change management: development of good working relationship with personnel from new plant as they learn our processes
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  • Barrie Corp
    Supply Chain Manager, Gainesville Regional Utilities